About Us

Mission Statement

To provide every person with the equipment necessary to live a life without barriers.


Medical equipment can be expensive. That’s why VitalitySC offers their equipment lending service free of charge to anyone that may need it to live a full life.


Since 2010, VitalitySC (formerly ALELL) has provided aid to the Northeast Columbia and surrounding communities. VitalitySC has thousands of pieces of equipment, ranging from physical therapy equipment to medical necessities. All equipment has been donated or been purchased with donation money allowing for anyone to lead a full life, which is highlighted in their annual Kids Biking 4 Kids event. The nonprofit is operated by licensed physical therapists, including founder Kathleen Ganley, who provides no-cost access to, and fitting for, high quality, durable and sometimes specialized medical equipment.

Green Business

VitalitySC proudly promotes itself as a green business. All equipment is “recycled”, meaning that the equipment will be reused as long as it is safe and able to be thoroughly cleaned. Instead of the usual one-and-done use that many personally purchased pieces of equipment get, VitalitySC keeps their lending abilities as high as possible by saving otherwise unused equipment.