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About Kathleen Ganley:


This organization was started in October, 2010, by Kathleen Ganley PT, to better serve her clients and community. Kathleen Ganley has been a licensed physical therapist since 1981. She has educated herself in all types of adaptive and durable medical equipment by attending conferences in USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia.


VitalitySC is a 503(c) nonprofit organization that evaluates and lends free, appropriate, durable, medical equipment to infants through adults. VitalitySC differs from other organizations because it has the staff needed to help with mobility, and daily activities. VitalitySC has low-tech equipment such as, Tumbleform wedges, back braces, ankle braces, adaptive tricycles, and hand-driven bicycles. VitalitySC believes the right tools allow the challenges of the compromised mobility to be minimized. Often durable medical equipment is only needed for a few months/years. VitalitySC helps fill that void while an individual is waiting for insurance to provide coverage.

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“What a blessing VitalitySC is for so many – and now for me personally! I was having weakness in my legs which was a result of my not walking correctly on my feet – I needed leg braces to force me to walk on my heels! VitalitySC had them available for me the same day … Continue reading Testimony

VitalitySC Open House

Today, was the annual open house for VitalitySC. We were overjoyed to have everyone there and the support of Gary Matthews and the Polar Bear Plunge. VitalitySC Open House Facebook Post

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